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4. (Basic Sporting Phrases) a location or extend of land or h2o on which a Activity is played or perhaps a race is run: a golf course.

: connected to, served by, or accessible via a process and especially a pc or telecommunications method (which include the online market place) an online databases also : finished though connected to this type of procedure online searching online games online searching

layer, mattress - single thickness of commonly some homogeneous substance; "slices of tricky-boiled egg on the mattress of spinach"

one. To progress or shift quickly in a specific direction or along a course: "Big tears now coursed down her encounter" (Iris Murdoch).

, "Ice product toppings to assist you chill out this summer time," thirteen July 2020 Supporters of Grocery store Sweep will remember it fondly with the notably questionable '90s style and, of course

direction, way - a line leading to an area or issue; "he seemed the opposite way"; "didn't know the best way dwelling"

the line along the earth's surface upon or more than which a vessel, an aircraft, and so on., proceeds: described by acim its bearing with relation to correct or magnetic north.

Nautical. the lowermost sail on a fully square-rigged mast: selected by a Exclusive title, as foresail or mainsail, or from the designation of the mast alone, a course in miracles online as fore course or key course.

b. A device of this type of curriculum: took a course in miracles an introductory course in chemistry; handed her calculus course.

course - move together, of liquids; a course in miracles free "H2o flowed to the cave"; "the Missouri feeds to the Mississippi"

coarse – lacking delicacy or refinement; crude; harsh; tough; boorish; gross: His language was coarse and unsuitable for children to listen to.

a individual who functions as if she or he is aware all the things and who dismisses the thoughts, responses, or solutions of Other people.

for a subject of course assault course course load course of motion course of functions while in the course of time in the standard/typical/regular course of enterprise

" This I undertook to obtain shipped to her a similar evening, and promised to phone upon her to the morrow, even more to light up the specific situation, and to offer her each consolation in my energy.

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