The Definitive Guide to miracles

: after a standard passage of your time : during the anticipated or allotted time His discoveries led in owing course

series - identical points positioned to be able or taking place one after A further; "they were being investigating a number of financial institution robberies"

collision course - a course of action (following a specified plan) that could bring on conflict if it proceeds unabated

refresher course, refresher - a course that reviews and updates a subject for those who have not retained abreast of developments

wall - an architectural partition by using a peak and duration greater than its thickness; used to divide or enclose a place or to assist A different composition; "the south wall experienced a little window"; "the partitions were covered with photos"

at the suitable or regular time. In due course, this seed will grow right into a tree. mettertyd في الوقْت المُناسِب، في حينِـه своевременно no devido tempo v pravý čas zur gegebenen Zeit med tiden; efterhånden εν καιρώ a su debido tiempo omal ajal به موقع خود ajallaan à la longue; en temps voulu בְּבוֹא הַזמָן वक्त आने पर u određeno vrijeme kellő időben pada saatnya þegar þar að kemur a tempo debito そのうちに 때가 되면 anksčiau ar vėliau, su laiku noteiktā laikā; pienācīgā kārtā lambat kaun te zijner tijd i rett tid, når tida er inne, i sin tid we właściwym czasie په مناسب وخت کی na devida altura la timpul potrivit в своё время keď nadíde čas, v príhodnú dobu v pravem času u datom roku i sinom tid เวลาที่เหมาะสม vakti gelince, uygun zamanda 適時地,屆時 в належний час اپن‍ے وقت پر đúng lúc 及时地,在适当的时候

c(1) : progression via a growth or period or simply a number of acts or events the course of record

We have now to come to a decision on the most effective course of motion → tenemos que decidir cuáles son las mejores medidas a tomar

coursework - get the job done assigned to and done by a college student all through a course of research; commonly it is evaluated as Section of the student's quality in the course

a customary way a course in miracles free of technique; frequent or natural purchase of activities: for a make any difference of course; the course of a condition.

College students will accomplish a published evaluation and will have a Driving evaluation during the course. If the scholar passes the two of such evaluations, they will receive a New Hampshire Bike Rider Education Plan completion card. The scholar might take that completion card to the NH DMV within just a single calendar year and get their motorcycle endorsement on their own driver license.

All pupils require the opportunity to balance on and journey a bicycle. Only individuals beneath the age of eighteen have to have a sound driver license and a motorbike Protection Course Waiver

As Everett produced the change at The pinnacle of your course, he looked close to for Mr. Gilfeather, and presently he located him.

1. As would be to be anticipated beneath the conditions; Obviously or of course: Of course someone had to clean up the mess.

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